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Your Family Photoshoot Experience - Preparation Information and what to expect

Fun and natural are what we feel provide the best images and memories from your experience with us. We will help you all to relax, even if its the first time for any of you in a studio. We dont want you to feel uncomfortable and we will use our experience and personality to try and ensure you dont. We pride ourselves on capturing beautiful memories though photographs, smiles, laughter, and play are among those, along with more quiet and serious images captured at opportune moments, reflecting the children and adults at that time in their lives. As much joy as a great smile can bring, as much laughter as a funny expression can bring, we want your whole session experience to be a good one for you all.


Outfits are something which there is no steadfast rule for. Many clients like to prepare for their session by buying matching or similar outfits for themselves and/or their children, whereas some clients are happy that their natural and comfortable look is what they want captured. We do recommend at least two outfits, especially for children, but encouraged for adults too. The outfits could be one of white or another neutral colour mixed with denim for example then one outfit with vibrant colours in. This provides a great contrast in the finished images. Textures like knitted items also look great.


Please bring along anything which you feel reflects your family and/or your children. This could be something which indicates your favourite family pastime or hobby, or something which you all laugh about. Also consider any favourite toys or teddies etc for your children in the session.


We do ask that you be aware of what your children eat before the session, for example anything orange may show up on the images around their mouth.


Shoes are not needed during the session so please dont make special effort regarding shoes etc.


Please make sure children are fed before they arrive and for little ones, please make sure that they are not in need of a nap at the time of the session, that they have slept beforehand.


Please ensure not to schedule appointments straight after or close to any immunisations or jabs, as this can affect their temperament and will affect the results of the shoot.


Feel free to bring along any ideas you have, or better still let us know about them before the session. We will have lots of ideas for you already but we welcome any personal input from yourselves, this can often help to create specifically personal images to you.


We want to capture some amazing visual moments dring your session, ones which you can put on display, print in books, and keep for ever to remember these moments we dont get the chance to live through again.


Following the session, we will arrange a viewing and selection appointment with you, this is where you will view the finished images from your session in an exclusive, comfortable and private setting. You will be helped with what you wish to purchase, with no pushy sales, just helpful guidance and some great ideas and deals. Again if you have ideas about what you are looking to buy, please make us aware of this at any time.