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Your Newborn Session-

Preparation Information and what to expect

In preparation for your newborn session, please keep your baby awake as much as possible before your shoot. Before you leave dress your baby in loose fitting,easy to remove clothing. Feed them as normal, during the session and usually prior to taking any photographs, I will ask you to feed them as and when it is required for them to sleep during the session. When in unkown surroundings, they will often feed more than usual, so please be aware of this.


I would like you to bring a blanket you dont mind if your baby wees or poos on, smooth blankets are preferred as textured blankets can often leave marks and/or imprints on their skin which can show in the images . Please bring along your usual baby essentials, including wipes, nappies etc. Unfortunately, we do not have facilities to dispose of used nappies, so please be prepared to take them away with you.


When you get to the studio you will sit with your baby, in our comfortable room, with tv and/or music available. Refreshments are offered at this point and throughout the session. If you require anything at any time, please do not hesitate to ask us, we want you all to be as comfortable as possible, and for you to enjoy your experience.I will then ask you to strip baby down to their nappy and wrap them in your blanket.  At this point, if your baby is awake i will get you to top them up with a feed.


You do not need to bring your baby any outfits, we dont take photographs of newborn babies fully clothed, however hats/headbands or other props are welcome. If you dont have any dont worry as i have plenty. If you do wish for your baby to not be fully nude, then we can use blankets and wraps to achieve this. I also welcome any specific ideas which you have, whether its items special to either parent for example if a parent is in the armed forces or fire/police service etc. Also, any ideas of any kind, please make me aware before the session and I will always try to accommodate where possible.


The aim during session is for your baby to sleep. This is the safest way to photograph your baby. If you baby is determined to be awake after some time trying we will try to photograph them awake. However this does limit poses possible and often babies do not like it.


Please bring along soothers/dummies as even if your baby does not have either before or after the session, it can make a big difference to them settling and will not affect them requiring one following the session. If a baby wont settle and no dummy/soother is provided then unfortunately we would not be able to offer a alternative session at no cost.


The session can take anywhere up to 3 hours. The room is set to a warm temperature for your baby which may feel very warm to you so i advise to wear layers incase you get too hot.


Once your baby is asleep i will do all the handling unless I need you for anything, but if i do i will ask. So feel free to relax, read a book, just watch or even have a little snooze. Also, as stated before, TV and music are available for your pleasure. You are also welcome to sit and watch every part of the session while I am capturing the images, many parents do feel they want to do this. IMPORTANTLY, no phones, or any other kind of image capturing equipment is permitted to be used whilst in the session. Last and definitely not least, remember, Your baby is in safe hands.


Your baby will be naked for their session so it is likely they WILL do their business on my backdrops and possibly even on me. Please do not feel any embarrasment about this as i expect it and am very used to it.


As a parent myself, I feel its very important how I look after your precious bundle while you are both with me. I pride myself on the reviews and feedback I have which has praised me not only for the images, but also for how comfortable and safe clients have felt when their newborn baby is in my arms.


Siblings are welcome to the session, please make sure there is an additional adult to take care of them whilst here. We have toys and films etc to keep them occupied, please bring along any food they require. There are local food establishments and convenience stores within a one minute walk of the studio.


If sibling shots are required then this will be done at suitable times through the session, please bear in mind outfits, neutral colours are recommended. We have also achieved many great images of siblings topless with their baby brother or sister too, so that is an option you can consider. Parent shots are also welcome.