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Terms of Booking and Conditions

Al reorders or ancillary products ordered will be treated as an extension of this contract and no

responsibility for errors will be accepted unless orders are agreed in writing.  Dream World Photography will not change the Package price once a booking is confirmed and deposit received. However, please note that the price of reprints and / or other ancillary products will be subject to

price reviews and may change.


The Client agrees that photographic coverage will be at the discretion of Dream World Photography .Whilst every effort will be made to incorporate special requests, final decisions on poses and photographic composition will rest with the photographer.  Such requests are not binding instruction

and will be excluded if the photographer in his or her professional opinion deems it appropriate, if

external conditions are prohibitive or models are unwilling to participate  However, Dream World Photography will

always endeavour to comply with the Client’s wishes.  Any special requests not included in the Booking Form must be made in writing from the Client to Dream World Photography.


On occasions and without notice it may be necessary to substitute the original photographer(s) for others  This will only happen in instances of illness or other emergency


Al image sizes are nominal.  Dream World Photography cannot guarantee an absolute colour match due to light reflection on certain materials  However, al images will be colour balanced to ensure a ‘close as possible’ match


Dream World Photography will endeavour to print at the sizes stated  However, from Time to time it may be necessary t crop an image slightly or alter the size of the print due to image composition and sizing.  Dream World Photography will use its discretion to assess best approach in order to

preserve the integrity of the image.  If your print is destined for a specific fame then please notify Dream World Photography in advance


Retouching of images will be at the discretion of Dream World Photography.  Basic retouches are

included in the package price.  However, if the Client requests particularly detailed digital

manipulation of images, beyond that of basic enhancement of presentation, a charge may be

incurred.  This will be agreed in advance, in writing

Any images or copies of images, whether stored digitally or otherwise and any computer programme

including any source or object code, computer file or printed documentation relating to such images

are protected by the Copyright and Design Act 1988.  It is contrary to the Act to copy or allow to be

copied photographic / electronically or by any other means an image created as part of this

contract without the written permission of Dream World Photography.

Al digital files are the property of Dream World Photography.  Where a CD of high resolution

images is included as part of the package, Dream World Photography gives permission for the Client

to use the images freely.  However, ownership of the images remains with Dream World Photography.

The Client hereby gives permission for Dream World Photography to display any images included

in this contract in studios, portfolios, literature, exhibitions, advertising, competitions, magazines and

on websites  No use of any of the images will be used for other commercial reasons, except with

written permission from the Client.

The due performance of this contract is subject to alteration or cancellation by either part owing to

any cause beyond their control

In the event of an Act of God, the unlikely event of total photographic failure or the cancellation of the contract for any other reason, the liability of one party to the other shall be limited to the total value of the contracted package.  Neither party shall be liable for indirect or inconsequential loss

The Client may cancel the contact at any time by giving written notice to Dream World Photography.  In doing so, however, the Client will forfeit al monies paid.  Additionally, further amounts shall be payable as compensation for the estimated loss to Dream World Photography, as


Less than 7 days before the event 80% of the total package value (less monies already paid) 7 days+ before the event Limited to monies already paid

Any complaints should be raised directly with Dream World Photography in writing within 28 days of becoming aware of the issue and in any event, within 28 days of receipt of the images / products

£25 Product Voucher:

This voucher is redeemable when customer spending over £50 on products.

£25 Special Offer additional terms/conditions.


This offer is for up to 6 people only.We reserve the right to restrict this offer and/or to refuse to serve any particular person at any time.The voucher can be used against our print products and can only be redeemed on the day of the viewing in our premises.Bookings for this special offer are available weekdays only. Payment in full is required when booking, this is non-refundable.This special offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or package.This offer cannot be used for specialist shoot packages such as newborn, smash the cake, lets get messy paint shoot etc, for further information please enquire. Dream World Photographys' decision is final, your statutory rights are not affected.

Any low resolution images in any package are in low resolution JPEG format with either Dream World Photography logo, website or both on prominent display. These photos do NOT come with print rights but come with permission to upload them onto social networking sites etc.

Newborn Portrait Package extra terms:

The product voucher is for use against any single product, including photo books and wall art of the value of the voucher of more.

A newborn package is secured and confirmed when a deposit is paid, this deposit is non-refundable should be paid on booking. Once the deposit has been paid, you (the customer) has booked in agreement with these terms and conditions.

All clients who have purchased and participated in a photoshoot experience of any kind at Dream World Photography, agrees that the photographs are our property, we own the copyright and can use the photographs for other purposes, including advertising, marketing internally and externally.

Viewing and Selection Appointments.

These appointments are on a one time only basis and are at the discretion of dream world photography. Any customers not able to attend must notify us at least 24 hours before the appointment time. Any cancellations will be liable to pay £25 deposit for any future viewings if required by dream world hptogoraphy.


Terms and conditions for Recommend a friend June 2015.

Involved Parties

There are three parties included in the terms below. The “company” Dream World Photography are the entity who are running the offer and have final say on any issues regarding any of the matters below or regarding any bookings and/or credit related to this offer. The “Current Client/Recommender” is the person(s) who is a previous customer of Dream World Photography and is eligible to recommend the offer to a friend/family of theirs and in turn receive £30 credit on their account with Dream World Photography to be used following their next completed photo session.

The “Recommended/New Client” is the party who have been recommended by the “Recommender” and are to book in and pay for a photosession, following which they will be eligible for their credit at a viewing and selection appointment. To be eligible , the “recommended” must have not used Dream World Photography before and the “Recommender” must have at some point used Dream World Photography

Description of Terms over and above normal Terms and Conditions of booking with Dream World Photography which can be viewed at www.dreamworldphotography.co.uk.

This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.

The value of the £30 is in credit only to be used against certain items for sale from Dream World Photography following a completed photo session. The credit cannot be exchanged for any monetary value.

The credit of £30 for the current client/recommender can be added to as duplicates. Each time a new customer is recommended and books and pays for a session, the client who made the recommendation will receive another £30 credit to be used at Dream World Photography.

The name of the client who recommended and is eligible for the credit must be named at the booking stage, it cannot be accepted at any time after this.

The credit for each party will have a validity of 3 months.

The recommended “friend” can include friends and/family but cannot include any people who have used Dream World Photography previously.


Purchases at Viewing:

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that orders made are to the specification of the clients wishes, it is sometimes, due to changes made by suppliers, that an item may not be totally as expected.

When purchasing any item from ourselves, the client understands that we are not responsible for issues regarding purchased items, when it is outside our responsibility and ability to change the item.


Viewing appointment: For evening appointments, a £25 charge will be applied. The £25 can be used as credit against any purchases made, if no purchases made, the £25 is a payment for the out of hours appointment.


Newborn Minimum Spend: As of November 2017, we have introduced a £100 minimum spend to all newborn sessions.


When purchasing any packages or session offers from external or third party providers, this is not purchased directly through ourselves and as such we cannot guarantee validity or availability,  the studio decision is final.  We reserve the right to refuse vouchers.