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I find it useful to compare the cost of professional photography to other things in our lives. Whether they are everyday costs such as sky tv, hobbies, drinks at the pub, sunday carvery etc or events such as daytrips, holidays, special occasion costs, its a good comparision to having professional, high quality wall pieces and images from a studio. Simply put, out of the things mentioned above, professionally taken images last the longest, and more importantly, become more valuable as they get older.

We offer a range of single wall pieces, from canvas to framed pieces, mounts to aluminium, in a variety of sizes. We also offer a range of collage designs.

Wall art pieces are complete, bespoke display products, ready to hang  up in your special place.

Solo Wall Pieces

Wall Art Designs

For the discerning customer who wants to display their amazing images to a greater extent, we offer a wall art design service. Some examples below.

Session Books

Session books are a great way of keeping a number of your beautiful images for the long term, not only for yourselves but even to pass onto the next generatino in years to come.

Digital Images

The most valuable and flexible offering from a studio are the digital images. Our digital offerings consist of High Resolution digital format images, with full print rights. This means that you get the image in the quality which we use when sending to print, and you have the freedom to copy, share, print them to your hearts content.

Prices for our Solo Wall Pieces start from £199

We can create designs individually for your particular requirements and tastes, however, our ready made designs start from £549.

Our session books are available in sizes from 5"x5" up to 12"x12", and their prices start from £199 for the book with 12 images.

Our digital image prices range from £100 to £600.

Photographic Print Collections

A popular option with clients who wish to purchase a number of images, in a quality format, ready to be framed. Our print collections start from £95, and as with the rest of our packages and collections, the more items you wish to buy, the better value for money.

Single Photographic Wall Prints

We sell single, high quality, ready to be framed prints of your chosen image. These start at £79.